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Hair loss, thinning hair, itchy scalp... our top pick to get your shine back!

When it comes to hair, I strongly encourage you to get in touch with your doctor to check for an iron or nutritional deficiency, thyroid issue (hypothyroidism might cause hair loss) or more generally hormonal imbalance (e.g. women with PCOS will be more likely to lose hair - male pattern)... Also, our hair is a reflection of our overall health, so a poor diet (rich in sugary and processed foods/poor in protein and healthy fat) won't support healthy and shiny hair. Lastly, don't forget about stress management. We know that a few months after a major choc, some people will experience a dramatic hair loss but chronic stress might also be the cause of a more insidious hair loss that you might know notice at first.

So as you can see when we want to improve our hair, we should always keep a more holistic strategy in mind.

Nevertheless, massaging your scalp on a daily basis with some targeted products is a good addition to your self care routine. The massage will increase your blood flow = oxygenation of your hair follicules and the natural products will add some stimulating and strenghtening properties that you hair will LOVE!

Here is a selection of a few of my favorites that we can easily find online:

1-Rosemary is a clinically proven hair renewal activator. I love the travel bottle. It's so easy to add in your travel bag so you don't have to stop your treatment during a business travel or during your holidays.

Rosemary essential oil

Rosemary essential Oil

Brand: Hiqili

Ingredient: Rosemary

Price: $18,99 (100ml)

2-Rosemary + Mint. Mint is known to increase scalp circulation and stimulate cellular activity. This oil also contains biotine which helps strenghten the hair. It's a Best-seller online!

Rosemary and mint hair oil

Rosemary Mint Scalp & Hair Strenghtening Oil

Brand: Mielle

Ingredients: Rosemary, Mint, Biotine, Jojoba, mix of essential oils...

Price: $20.21 (59ml)

3-Rosemary, Mint, Biotine + Castor oil. Castor oil dates back to ancient Egypt. It seems that Cleopatra knew about its incredible properties for hair and eyelashes. This magic oil will nourish your hair and increase its volume.

rosemary and mint hair oil

Rosemary & Mint Oil, Biotin Infused Daily Care & Treatment

Brand: Plant of Life

Ingredients: Rosemary, Mint, Biotin & Castor Oil

Price: $19,95 (60ml)

4-Same ingredients, bigger bottle and a super easy formula to apply thanks to its comb applicator.

Rosemary biotin hair oil

Rosemary Hair Oil

Brand: Botanic Hearth

Ingredients: Rosemary, Biotin, Jojoba & Castor Oil

Price: $15,99 (198ml)

5-Lastly, if your hair is thin and damaged you might want to consider this product. I really love the brand Himalaya. Their formulas are always top notch and quite different from what you can usually find online or in health food stores. This oil is no exception. Thistle reduces hair breakage and split ends while alma moisturizes hair and scalp, help prevent dryness and hair damage. Fenugreek and chickpea are two ingredients that will help nourish your hair.

anti-breakage hair oil

Anti-Breakage Hair Oil

Brand: Himalaya

Ingredients: Thistle, Amla, Chickpea & Fenugreek

Price: $10,99 (200ml)

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